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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

SAAJ Transport -> SAAJ Module

With the time I had off work, editing the book and (briefly from) feeding the baby a few weeks ago, I naturally decided to add receiver functionality to the SAAJ transport. In a sleep deprived state  I considered extending the HTTP and JMS transports to use SAAJ to receive and dispatch messages. After chatting with David, however, a cleaner approach seemed to be in order. I started to work on refactoring the code I was using in the SAAJ MessageAdapter, which moved the message payloads back and forth from SOAP, into dedicated transformer implementations: soap-message-to-document transformer and document-to-soap-message-transformer.  

The refactored implementation allows you to use the SAAJ transformers to transform message payloads over arbitrary transports, like VM, XMPP or file, in addition to HTTP and JMS. The transformers are available from the (renamed) SAAJ Module. Cursory documentation and a few examples are available.  The distribution link isn't working yet, but you can download the jars and get access to the pom from here.