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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

MongoDB Transport Released

I just released a new version of the Mule MongoDB transport. This is a major release that fixes a few bugs and introduces some new features. Thanks to David for suggesting and testing a lot of the new stuff.

Here's a list of what has changed:

  • Mule 3.1 support

  • Support for replica sets

  • "dispatch_mode" support to specify how messages are dispatched to Mongo. This allows you to specify "insert","update" or "delete" on the outbound message to control how the payload impacts Mongo.

  • A query parameter for updates has been added, allowing you to specify what documents will be updated.

  • upsert and multi support is also in place for updates.

  • Dependencies are now properly scoped.

  • WriteConcerns are now supported.

  • Deletion is now supported via dispatch_mode.

  • Global endpoints are now fully supported.

  • Flows are now fully supported.

  • As usual full documentation is available on MuleForge.